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KKDIK; Abbreviation for “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals” in Turkish

This regulation; aims to protect both human health and the environment from the negative effects of chemicals at the highest level.

According to the provisions of the regulation, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization aims to manage the registration, evaluation, permit and restriction processes of chemicals in accordance with world standards.

The main objectives of KKDIK are;

To protect human health and the environment at a high level from the harm of chemicals.

To require those who supply the chemicals (producer, manufacturer, importer) to ensure the safe use of the chemicals.

ensure competition and innovation in the chemical industry increased in Turkey

While evaluating the harmful properties of the substances, to reduce experiments on animals and to encourage alternative methods

     1. Preliminary Examination: Examination of tonnage and scope of imported/manufactured products
     2. Preparation of “KKDİK EXEMPTION DECLARATION” for those who are not registered and/or covered.
     3. Pre-registration (Pre-MBDF)
     4. Identity and analytical description of the items
     5. Data collection and evaluation
     6. Data gap analysis
     7. Determination of Test Strategy and data waiving
     8. QSARs, Data estimation, and evaluation
     9. Risk Assessment and Chemical Safety Assessment
     10. Preparation of Chemical Safety Report and KDU approval
     11. Full KKDIK Registry File Services
     12. Representation of companies with permanent consultancy agreements in consortia
     13. “3. Party representation ”services
     14. Provision of registration declaration for downstream users from suppliers.
     15. After registration, update information for the Ministry and Consortium.